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Open University

Code Name Description Date
T189 Digital Photography Light; exposure; focus & depth of field; understanding & use of colour; printing & projecting; innovations; use of PhotoShop Elements 6, & much much more! An excellent course! End of Course Submission. 2008

Open University - Certificate in Web Application Development

Code Name Description Date
TT280 Web Basics: design, devt & management Client/Server architecture; XHTML; css; accessibility; usability; Web standards. 2003
TT281 The client-side of Application Development Client side scripting using JavaScript; Client/Server architecture; legal issues to do with accessibility, privacy & software licencing 2004
TT282 The server-side of Application Development Using ASP & VBScript to explore basic concepts of server-side scripting for creating dynamic content. 2004
TT380 Databases within website design The basics of database design using ‘entity-relationship’ diagrams & simple queries using SQL-92. Explores erver-side development tool: the ColdFusion server extension. 2005
TT381 Open source development tools Origins & aims of the Open Source movement; The ‘distributed team’ nature of Open Source development & Using versioning tools, such as CVS, to help manage source. Creation of a Web application using Apache, MySQL & PHP. 2006
TT382 Web server management, performance & tuning The role of server administration & the part it plays in managing the overall performance of a web application; Various tools for monitoring, testing, & logging server performance; the role of routers, firewalls, & proxy servers in building network architectures. 2006

Net Resources Ltd

I attended a course at Net Resource a wonderful place in Edinburgh for a short time whilst I was unemployed in 2004. They are a commercial company, but also ran a Graduate Internet Training Course for people who were unemployed. The basic course was 10 weeks long, & you learnt html, css, photoshop & some other web technologies. We then did a live project for 6 weeks, which was a fantastic opportunity. I built a website for the acclaimed wild life artist Chris Rose, with my good friend Julie James

IWA Courses

Code Name Description Date
D300 Design Concepts   October 2006
G301 Photoshop Level 1 Photoshop Level 1 coursework December 2006
G303 Photoshop for the Web Photoshop for the Web coursework October 2008
A131 Introduction to Dreamweaver   February 2007
H152 Intermediate CSS Workshop   March 2007
X101 Introduction to XML Intro to XML Course Work December 2007
H111 HTML Forms   February 2008
MS303 Intro to SQL using Access Intro to using Access Course work May 2009
H401 Intro to XHTML Intro to XHTML Course work July 2009
B129 Introduction to WordPress Portypatsy's Blog July 2009
D210 Intro to Designing Accessible Web sites   July 2009


Certificate in Web Application Development Net Resources IWA/HWG LeTTOL

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