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Training for IT Trainers

Until the Autumn of 2008, there seemed to be one main recognised route to a qualification for IT Trainers: The Training Foundation providing a range of training, using it's TAP methodology, which was accredited by the IITT. Since these 2 organisations have parted company, this page aims to show the separate paths to training qualifications which each offers for IT Trainers, cross-referenced to how they map to the Scottish context:

Institute of IT Trainers

Approved training for IT Trainers has recently moved on, this article gives the low down on the direction of travel: First authorised centres sign up for IITT's Trainer Performance Monitoring & Assessment service.

Read about the IITT's new TPMA scheme.

As of February 2009 the organisations below provide TPMAassessment:

Other companies are in the process of being accredited. You can read the latest update on the progress of implementing the new TPMA Service here.

Information about the new training qualification for trainers: PTLLS can be found on both the ORC web site & the City & Guilds site.

The Training Foundation

The Training Foundation have also developed a new component of their TAP Learning System: Trainer of Choice, which focuses on what makes an excellent trainer. They also have other interesting options: including the Certificate in Blended Learning & various eLearning certificates leading to a Diploma in eLearning. Since the apparently rather acrimonious split with the IITT, the Training Foundation are now aligned with the British Institute of Learning & Development.

The Training Foundation now have the TAP Diploma in NHS Learning & Development, which is aligned with the Connecting for Health ETD Standards This includes the following modules:

The Scottish Context

Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework

When you sit in Scotland, it isn't clear what, if any of this applies or is available here... e.g. 'Connecting for Health' relates to the NHS in England & Wales, rather than Scotland. And how do City & Guilds qualifications, such as City & Guilds 7303, PTLLS, map to SQA requirements? I have contacted the SQA to try & clarify and they advised that they are developing a version of PTLLS, was due to be released in Summer 2009, but has now delayed until the Autumn (i.e. about now!).

A good starting point is the overview of Scottish qualifications provided by the SCQF. You can also compare qualifications frameworks between countries.

So what is available locally now?

Other Training Opportunities

If your income is under £22,000 you qualify for an ILA of either £200 / £500 a year, which can be used towards the cost of some courses. It's also possible to apply for a Professional & Career Development Loan to fund some learning.

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