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Patsy's CV

This is my portfolio page where you can see the web sites that I have built to date.

Chris Rose

link to Chris Rose web site

I built the Chris Rose web site with my good friend, Julie James, when we were both doing a web design course with a fantastic company, Net Resources in Edinburgh. The course was 16 weeks long, with the final 6 weeks spent building a site.

In this project, we jointly undertook the requirements specification, I did the main coding & css for the site, with Julie focussing on the graphics, & incorporating a blog & small e-commerce facility.

TryCycling in Edinburgh

link to tryCycling web site

I built this site for a cycling group that my husband Ian helped to set up in Edinburgh, which aims to support new & returning cyclists to become more confident. We arrange a progamme of cycle rides, and attend events throughout the year to promote the cause.

As with all my sites to date, this one is hand-coded, using css for styling, but it is this site in particular which has led me to explore Dreamweaver, as it is becoming too large to manage comfortably... although still hand coding it to date...!

Gold Standards Framework for Scotland

Link to web site of the Gold Standards Framework Scotland

After a brush with cancer some years ago, I was involved as a patient rep in cancer services for sometime afterwards. For a while I sat on the Steering Group of the Gold Standards Framework for Scotland, which aims to improve cancer care in Primary Care.

This was a 3 year project, which ran from 2003 to October 2006, at which point the project manager asked me to build a web site to house the project resources.

The site was built using an NHS Scotland template, which I customised by adding in the gold bars at the top. I also used css for styling, including such things as justifying text & adding line-height properties, so that it is easily read.

Polite Cycling Campaign

Link to web site of the Polite Cycling Campaign, Edinburgh

As cycling is increasing in Scotland, those involved in cycle promotion / campaigning are keen to encourage responsible cycling.

Cycle campaign group Spokes celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2007 by mounting a campaign to promote considerate cycling. 10,000 reflective trouser bands overprinted with four "Bike Polite" slogans are being distributed through Edinburgh cycle shops.

More recently, the campaign has also been adopted in Glasgow who have their own version of the slap bands.

Multi-Cultural Family Base

Link to web site of Multi-Cultural Family Base, Edinburgh

MCFB had a basic web site, which I agreed to redevelop for them in March 2008.

MCFB are a small but important voluntary organisation, who work to support children & families in North Edinburgh, & BME children & families throughout the city.

They also provide practice opportunities for social work students, & in particular mentoring support, to people from BME communities who wish to join the social services workforce.

Learning for Practice

Link to web site of Learning for Practice, Edinburgh

Learning for Practice is the web site of Marianne Hughes, a very experienced Social Work Practice Teacher based in Edinburgh.

She wanted her own web site to promote her work.

Dr Rachel Harrison

Link to web site of Dr Rachel Harrison, GP & CranialSacral Therapist, Edinburgh

Dr Rachel Harrison is an Edinburgh based GP, who is also a qualified Homeopath & CranialSacral Therapist. she is passionate about integrating Orthodox & Complementary Therapy and strives to help people find a combination of treatment and support that works for them.

As a therapist she has benefited from mentoring sessions for many years & is committed to providing this much needed support for other professionals both one to one and in study groups.

She became involved in research while training at the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital and insists on the importance of audit and research into all Complementary and Alternative Medical practice.

Moira Dunworth

Link to web site of Moira Dunworth, independant practice teacher, Edinburgh

Moira Dunworth is a social worker, independent practice teacher & educationalist based in Edinburgh. She is also a researcher & teaches for the Open University on the ‘Openings’ programme & Y157 ‘Understanding Society’, an access course designed to widen participation in Further and Higher Education.

Moira is very interested in new ways of working & recently this has included using web-based tools in student support.

When not working, Moira is a keen traveller & photographer.

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